Coral Reef Valuation for MPA Management and Implementation2018-05-04T13:59:41+00:00

Project Description

Coral Reef Valuation for MPA Management and Implementation

Team members © CZMAI

By: Tadzio Bervoets

Organisation: Nature Foundation St. Maarten

Location: St Maarten, Dutch Caribbean

Published:01 December 2015

Photo: The coral reefs of St. Maarten host diverse invertebrate fauna © Nature Foundation St. Maarten

Summary: An ecosystem valuation analysis of St Maarten’s coral reefs quantifies the value of these ecosystems. The results were used to support the establishment of St Maarten’s first Marine Protected Area and to implement further management actions connected to the MPA. Moreover, the results were incorporated in climate change response strategies. The communication of the valuation’s outcome supports awareness rising among coastal communities and a growing understanding of the importance of coral reefs.

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