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Project Description

Blue carbon credits financing community-based mangrove management

Team members © CZMAI

By: Salim Abdalla

Organisation: Mikoko Pamoja Community Organization

Location: Gazi Beach, Kenya

Published:20 October 2015

Photo: KMFRI research work © Mikoko Pamoja

Summary: This is the first community-run project of its kind in the world: Mikoko Pamoja promotes the restoration and protection of mangrove forests for local community benefit. It is validated by Plan Vivo to generate and sell mangrove carbon credits to companies and individuals, who would like to improve their green credentials. The revenue generated from the trading of carbon credits flows into a community benefit fund, which is managed by the community-led Mikoko Pamoja steering group. The fund supports local development projects in education, water and sanitation, and mangrove reforestation.

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