An incentivized, participatory approach to mangrove conservation2018-05-04T13:58:49+00:00

Project Description

An incentivized, participatory approach to mangrove conservation

Team members © CZMAI

By: Lalao Aigrette

Organisation: Blue Ventures

Location: Andavadoaka, Madagascar

Published:06 November 2015

Photo: Theory of change © Cicelin R., Blue Ventures

Summary: Blue Ventures is employing a participatory monitoring and management approach as a solution to address degradation and deforestation of mangroves in Bay of Assassins, in the south of the Velondriake Locally Managed Marine Area (LMMA). This approach uses the generation of carbon credits, which can in turn generate sustainable financing to both residents of the Bay of Assassin and the Velondriake Management committee.

Open on the PANORAMA platform.