Tools to help analyze and map ecosystem services data.


GeoIQ is a data sharing, visualization, and analysis platform run by UNEP’s Grid-Arendal center.  Upload data or find data on a variety of topics including information on demographics, real estate, and environmental concerns from around the world. Information can be mapped with various analysis tools offered.


Marine InVEST

InVEST –or Integrated Valuation of Ecosystem Services & Tradeoffs – is a suite of tools used for mapping and valuing nature’s goods and services. Includes models for coastal and marine ecosystem services.

WRI’s Valuation Methods and Tools

 WRI’s valuation methods and tools help policymakers, civil society or other interested parties to assess the value to their economies of goods and services provided by coral reefs and to aid in setting coastal management policies. WRI offers tools for tourism/recreation, fisheries, and MPAs. These tools have previously been applied to countries in the Caribbean.


Coastal Capital: Ecosystem Valuation for Decision Making in the Caribbean

 WRI’s guidebook details the steps in conducting a coastal ecosystem valuation to inform decision making in the Caribbean. It guides valuation practitioners—both economists and non-economists—through the three phases of a valuation effort (scoping, analysis and outreach), with an emphasis on stakeholder engagement in all phases.