Gear type, species composition and economic value of fisheries in the mangroves of Pak Phanang, Thailand

Islam, M. et al. Wetlands Ecological Management 18: 27-36. 2010
Primary Country: Thailand

Analysis of Coastal and Marine Resources: A Contribution to the Philippines Country Environmental Analysis

Are mangroves worth replanting? The direct economic benefits of a community-based reforestation project

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Primary Country: Philippines

Natural resource management in mitigating climate impacts: the example of mangrove restoration in Vietnam

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Primary Country: Vietnam

Marine Ecosystem Services Research Directory

Marine Ecosystem Services Research Directory

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Organization and Title


Mailing Address



Beaumont, Nicola

Plymouth Marine Lab, Environmental Economist

Plymouth, United Kingdom


Marine planning and policy

Burke, Lauretta

World Resources Institute, Senior Associate

Washington, DC


Coral reefs, economic valuation, oceans

Pendleton, Linwood

Duke Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, Director Ocean & Coastal Policy



Ocean & coastal policy, ecosystem services

van Beukering, Pieter

Institute for Environmental Studies, Associate Professor

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Economic valuation, TEEB

Valuing seafood: The Peruvian fisheries sector

Christensen, V. et al. Marine Policy 44: 302-311. 2014
Primary Country: Peru

Ecosystem service values for mangroves in Southeast Asia: A meta-analysis and value transfer application

Brander, L. et al. Ecosystem Services 1: 62-69. 2012
Primary Country: Cambodia

Net Pay: Economic Analysis of a Replanted Mangrove Plantation in Kenya

Kairo, J. et al. Journal of Sustainable Forestry, 28 (3-5): 395-414. 2009
Primary Country: Kenya

Mangroves can provide protection against wind damage during storms

Das, S. et al. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 134: 98-107. 2013
Primary Country: India

The Non-Market Value of Coral Reefs Under Changing Climate Conditions in American Samoa

Gaskin, E. NOAA: 1-45 2012
Primary Country: American Samoa