Valuing the regulatory services provided by marine ecosystems

Valuing the regulatory services provided by marine ecosystems

Primary Country: United Kingdom
Ecosystem: seagrass
Sample Value Estimates:
Social costs of carbon assumed:
  1. £3.1 per tC
  2. £10.8 per tC
  3. £14.3 per tC
  4. an average of £9.4 per tC
  5. £25.4 million: NPV of phytoplankton, and kelp and seagrass carbon sequestration over a period of 100 years ranged from
  6. £2.1: Cost of treating sewage estimated at £2.1 per Kg BOD.
  7. £227 894: Wastewater pumped into the seas would have required an estimated annual treatment cost of £227 894 if it were treated to a tertiary level by a sewage treatment plant.
  8. £213: mean WTP to preserve wetlands for their sea defence role, estimated through a contingent valuation study among a small sample, n=87, in Exe Estuary, North Norfolk, Essex & Humber Estuary,
  9. £100: median value
Data source: Thank you to the Plymouth Marine Lab for directing us to this study

Publication information

Mangi, S.C. Davis, C.Payne, L.Austen, M.Simmonds, D.Beaumont, N.Smyth, T. “Valuing the regulatory services provided by marine ecosystems” Environmentrics, 2010

Addtional Notes

Isles of Scilly, UK.

The social cost of carbon taken from the literature ($5 per tC (after Tol)

$16 per tC (after Stern)

$23 per tC (after Fankhauser)), combined with productivity of phytoplankton and kelp and seagrass estimates and area data, and discounted over 100 year period. Annual production per hectare for benefit transfer purposes are (Table 4 in paper): Kelp 800 gC/m2/yr, Seagrass 814 gC/m2/yr, Phytoplankton 300.7 gC/m2/yr.

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