The economic valuation of coral reefs

The economic valuation of coral reefs

Primary Country: Philippines
Ecosystem: coral reef
Sample Value Estimates:
  1. 500 USD/ha/yr: Values shown were provided by partner databases. ESVD values are from a derived data set. This value point is for Prevention of extreme events [unspecified]
Region: Asia
Data source: ESVD

Publication information

Spurgeon, J. “The economic valuation of coral reefs” Marine Pollution Bulletin Vol 24:529-536, 1992

Addtional Notes

coral valuation/methodology/taxonomy of coral values/financial benefits/social benefits/coral reef uses

The article discusses the main advantages and problems of putting monetary values on the envioronment. Then, using coral reefs as an example, explains how natural habitats, or ecosystems, can be valued using the "Total Economic Value" approach. Direct and indirect uses as well as non-use values are described and brief details given of appropriate economic valuation techniques. A framework suitable for resource accounting is offered to overcome the problem of summing the value of different benefits, some of which are mutualy exclusive.

Taxonomy of different types of uses and values of coral reefs and methods used to monetize values.coral reefs0Bob Leeworthy

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