Cuànto vale el tiburon ballena?

Cuànto vale el tiburon ballena?

Primary Country: United States
Ecosystem: species
Sample Value Estimates:
  1. $78,030-111,843: Potential revenues from whale shark eco-tourism to the 700 residents of Mexcaltitàn Island
Region: Americas / Pacific
Data source:

Publication information

Low-Pfeng, A. de la Cueva, H.Enríquez, R. “Cuànto vale el tiburon ballena?” Instituto Nacional de Economia, 2005

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Economic Valuation Study

Tourism and Recreational Value

Deep Sea

Ecotourism to see whale sharks could be an important source of income (between $78,030 and $111,843) for the 700 residents living around the bay.

El potencial ecoturístico para ver el tiburón ballena podía traer entre $78.030 y $111.843 a los 700 residentes del área alrededor de la Bahía.

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