Economics and stakeholders of Ream National Park, Cambodia

Economics and stakeholders of Ream National Park, Cambodia

Primary Country: Cambodia
Ecosystem: marine park
Sample Value Estimates:
PV (10% dicount rate, over 20 yea
  1. in Ream National Park for:
  2. $3,576,067 / year: Fisheries, ghost park
  3. $5,207,267 / year: Fisheries, some protection
  4. $7,867,328 / year: Fisheries, dream park
  5. $21,390-$699,636 / year: Recreation, (based on three scenarios: ghost park, some protection and dream pa
  6. $2,729 / household: Benefits of park to households in dream scenario
  7. $12.6 million: PV of dream park scenario to local communities
  8. $11.9 million: NPV (10% discount ra
  9. dream park
  10. 9.8 million: NPV (10% discount ra
  11. partial protection
  12. $10 million: NPV (10% discount ra
  13. ghost park
Region: Asia
Data source:

Publication information

DeLopez, T. “Economics and stakeholders of Ream National Park, Cambodia” Ecological Economics, 46(2), 269-282, 2003

Addtional Notes

An economic analysis of Ream National Park, Cambodia (2000) surveyed households in local communities, looking at social, economic and ecological data and the costs and benefits of three PA management scenarios: (1) some protection is achieved, but fisheries eventually collapse

(2) the ghost park scenario, where all timber and fish are harvested, destroying the area

(3) the dream park scenario, allowing subsistence activities, recreation, education and research. Present value (10%, 20 years) of Fisheries: Some protection $5,207,267

ghost park $3,576,067

dream park $7,867,328.

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