Improving the identification of mismatches in ecosystem services assessments

Improving the identification of mismatches in ecosystem services assessments

Primary Country: multiple
Ecosystem: multiple
Sample Value Estimates: The mismatches in Ecosystem Services assessments which remain most often undetected include the existence of Unsustainable uptake and the mismatch derived from Trade-offs between ecosystem services, as well as the dimension of multiple stakeholder groups.
Region: multiple

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Geijzendorffer, I.R. B. Martín-LópezP.K. Roche “Improving the identification of mismatches in ecosystem services assessments” Ecological Indicators 52: 320-331, 2015

Addtional Notes


"Based on the analysis of the selected papers, three issues emerged that can be addressed to strengthen the discriminative capacity of ES supply and demand assessments. Firstly, frameworks often depict ES being delivered to society as one single pool of stakeholders, whereas in fact these are related to each other in different power hierarchies. An explicit diversification of stakeholders in terms of interests, demand and ES use could improve this. Secondly, an explicit recognition of the fact that ES supply is not only determined by the biogeophysical conditions would help to identify currently missing information for sustainable management decisions. This includes the impact of the ES demand by society, in terms of their quantity, quality and location, as well as the human management to co-produce ES. Thirdly, the spatial and temporal scales have important implications for the ES supply, demand, use and management, 

however, few studies within the selection of this paper addressed these different components of the ES framework at multiple scales."

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