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Job Description:
The candidate will work with Linwood Pendleton, the International Chair of Excellence at the European Institute of Marine Studies/Laboratory of Excellence of the Sea/Center for Marine Law and Economics/University of West Brittany to build an international research program on policy, management, and economics regarding human uses of the sea and coast.
The work of the International Chair focuses particularly on new and innovative science and policies to help better manage the ecosystem services provided by marine and coastal areas and to better coordinate development, conservation, and management to balance the use of living and non-living resources.  The International Chair is a fundamental contributor to a proposed United Nations University for the Ocean.  Research areas pursued by the International Chair and his team currently include the a Global Environmental Facility project on Blue Forests (i.e. blue carbon) as well as projects that focus on the impacts of ocean acidification, mapping and visualizing ecosystem services, and managing resources in the high seas and deep sea.
Functions:  Under the supervision of the Chair, the successful candidate will lead economic research related to the Marine Ecosystem Services Partnership (MESP) and will be an active member of the Chair’s international team.  Responsibilities will include (but not limited to):
  • Conduct Ecosystem services research:
    • Review the state of the art and provide advice and on-site research for the economic valuation of ecosystem services at partners sites in the Global Environmental Facility Blue Forests Project
    • Work with the interdisciplinary research team to develop conceptual models and analytical models and analysis that assess and monitor the provision of ecosystem services in the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas using Earth Observation, Remote Sensing and in situ data, especially social and economic data.
  • Work with the chair to write scholarly and popular articles and presentations
  • Work with the Chair and Team to create an expanded, interdisciplinary vision for the Marine Ecosystem Services Partnership
The successful candidate will report directly to the Chair and will assist the Chair in research, preparation of reports, and development of presentations related to marine ecosystem services. 
The position is a 2 years contractual position with the possibility of renewal.

Candidate Qualifications:
Professional Experience Acquired to Date

  1. a doctoral degree in economics, social science, or interdisciplinary studies with a preferred focus on marine and coastal ecosystem services  and 2 years of research experience.
  2. Candidate should have held a position that includes research and the development of a new program or initiative. 
The candidate should: 
  1. have strong organizational skills.
  2. be able to work independently and should be self-motivated.  The candidate will work closely with the Chair to develop the program and should be able to brainstorm, add value to ideas, and plan and execute actions taken on behalf of the Chair (this is not a post-doctoral research position).
  3. write well in English and should have established at least a modest publication record and should be capable of writing or assisting in the writing of scholarly journal publications.
  4. be available for global travel (<10%) and should enjoy working with collaborators from diverse cultures.
  5. should feel comfortable working in a team that includes a variety of disciplines, faculty, researchers, post-docs, and doctoral students.
The candidate must be fluent in English and have a good command of French.  Other languages are a plus.

The position is based in the Ocean Technopole located Plouzané, France part of the Metropole d’Ocean de Brest.  Perched above the Straits of Brest, the Technopole is a unique, interdisciplinary home to the University of Brest, the European Institute of Marine Studies, the LABEX Mer, IFREMER, and private enterprise. 

To Apply:
Please send a CV or résumé, research paper, policy brief, and a Powerpoint presentation along with a cover letter describing your qualifications and experience before July 10th 2015 to with a cc to .  References will be requested for shortlisted candidates.