The Economic Impact of Flats Fishing in The Bahamas

The Economic Impact of Flats Fishing in The Bahamas

Primary Country: Bahamas
Ecosystem: mangrove
Sample Value Estimates:
(a) US$141 million annually in total economic benefits for Bahamaian economy is generated by flats fishing (b)$70 million spent annually by angling visitors supporting equivalent of 2,500 full-time jobs from those direct expenditures (c) $126 million in value added impacts attributed by additional jobs associated with direct angler expenditures.
Methodology: Direct expenditures, Value Added by use of Multiplier, Total Economic Effect
Region: Americas

Publication information

Fedler, T. “The Economic Impact of Flats Fishing in The Bahamas” Report prepared for The Bahamian Flats Fishing Alliance. 20 pp., 2010

Addtional Notes

Overall, flats fishing accounted for slightly more than 3% of tourist expenditures throughout The Bahamas. This percentage grows to 9% when only the Family Islands are considered. Fishing quality is affected by: (a) fish becoming "educated" to anglers (b) concern of development will increase pressure on surrounding fisheries resources (c) guides becoming concentrated due to the industry expanding (d) unsustainability of flats fishery resources due to waste disposal and runoff, and resort construction clearing mangrove forests and filling wetland areas.

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