Marine-based tourism in Gansbaai: A socio-economic study.

Marine-based tourism in Gansbaai: A socio-economic study.

Primary Country: South Africa
Ecosystem: species
Sample Value Estimates:
(a) US$ 15.17 million value of fishing in Gansbaai (b) US$ 23.56 million value of tourism sector in Gansbaai (c) US $3.43 million contribution of marine-based tourism to tourism total (d) US$ 17.14 million contribution of domestic holiday-makers to turnover and daily spending.
Methodology: study was conducted over 8 months and information was gathered by means of a literature review, statistical data collection and fieldwork
Region: Africa

Publication information

Hara, M. Maharaj, I.Pithers, L. “Marine-based tourism in Gansbaai: A socio-economic study.” Final report for the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT), South Africa, 55 pp., 2003

Addtional Notes

The objectives of this study were: (a) to assess the socio-economic impact of marine-based tourism (b) test the claim that tourism rather than fishing drives the economy of Gansbaai (c) examine the sustainability and future potential of white shark cage-diving and boat-based whale watching (d) map the level of HDIs, or "historically disadvantaged individuals" (e) draw on the knowledge base of local communities and other stakeholders.

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