Economics of Coral Reef Restoration

Economics of Coral Reef Restoration

Primary Country: multiple
Ecosystem: coral reef
Sample Value Estimates:
Cost of coral restoration schemes: (a) US$5,500,000-100,000,000 / ha Florida (b) US$400,000-1,600,000 / ha Maldives (c) US$40,000 / ha Australia (d) US$13,000 / ha Tanzania
Methodology: capital and operational costs, resource inputs such as labour and materials are measured in terms of their opportunity costs
Region: multiple

Publication information

Spurgeon, J. Lindahl, U. “Economics of Coral Reef Restoration” In: H.S.J. Cesar (ed.). Collected Essays on the Economics of Coral Reefs. CORDIO, Kalmar University, Sweden. p. 125-136., 2000

Addtional Notes

The costs of the five coral restoration case studies vary significantly for a number of reasons. Without a slightly more detailed benefit assessment it is difficult to predict with any certainty whether or not benefits accruing fromt he ase study restorations outweighed the scheme costs.

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