Economic Importance of Conserving Whale Sharks

Economic Importance of Conserving Whale Sharks

Primary Country: multiple
Ecosystem: species
Sample Value Estimates:
(a) AU$3.2-6.2 million for Western Australia, Direct expenditure method, Number of sharks was minimum of 400 (b) US$3.08 million for Seychelles, Travel Cost Method, Number of sharks was approx. 150-200 (c) US$208,000 for the Phillipines, Unknown method, Number of sharks was a minimum of 129 (d) US$1.32 million for Belize, Unknown method, Minimum of 106 sharks (e) AU$282,000 per shark was estimate for individual shark value for Ningaloo Reef in Australia.
Methodology: Direct expenditure, Travel Cost Method
Region: multiple
Data source: International Fund for Animal Welfare, Australia

Publication information

Norman, B. Catlin, J. “Economic Importance of Conserving Whale Sharks” Report for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), Australia, 18 pp., 2007

Addtional Notes

Report also cited Anderson and Ahmed (1993) who recorded an annual value of US$33,500 for each grey reef shark to tourism in the Maldives.

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