What is the MESP?

The Marine Ecosystem Services Partnership (MESP) was proposed in early 2010 as an effort to create a virtual center for information and communication on the human uses of marine ecosystem services around the world. Responding to the growing library of economic valuation data, the Partnership strives to provide up-to-date and easily accessible data for the use of policy makers, environmental managers, researchers, and marine ecosystem stakeholders. The MESP database holds over 1000 entries of economic valuation data representing over 2000 values. Not intended to replace other databases, the Partnership strives to be a community of practice through which data users and managers can work collectively to better integrate ecosystem services data with marine policy needs. This collaboration is aided with the use of tools such as the valuation mapper – a dynamic map allowing users to burrow down through different types of data by inputting spatial and thematic queries.


To help society identify and sustainably manage the globe’s ocean and coastal ecosystems for the benefit of people and society by understanding the value of these ecosystems and the services they produce.


MESP will improve the estimation, dissemination, and use by decision makers of social and natural science data about marine ecosystem services by

  • easing access to ecosystem valuations by creating a centralized and submission-enabled data repository that is spatially explicit.
  • improving communication between valuation researchers and policy makers.
  • utilizing web-based tools to better target areas where new research is needed.
  • providing contextual and up-to-date perspectives for understanding valuation data in relation to environmental management decisions.